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Posted by Unknown Posted on Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Microsoft lets you send and receive email from your other email accounts using interface. If you have another email account with POP3 access, you can configure Outlook to receive, read and send email from that POP3 account.
If you have one or more existing email accounts that you want to receive email from in your inbox, you can use either email forwarding or’s mail fetching feature.

Email forwarding

In Email forwarding when your other email account receives email, it will immediately forward the new mail to your inbox with minimal delay. However, this requires that your other email account has support for email forwarding. If it doesn’t, you can use the mail fetching feature below.
First, log into the account where you want to forward email from. If you’re using Gamil account, open the settings screen from the gear menu and select Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Then Click on Add a forwarding address and provide the address of your main account and confirm the same.Once you done, when your Gmail account receives email, it will automatically forward the email to your main inbox.
Email forwarding

Note that you need to log into other email account once in a year because webmail providers may have some restrictions and they may delete your account if it is inactive for a long time. 
Repeat this process for each email address you want to receive email from in your main inbox. 

Mail Fetching

You can use this feature if your other email account doesn’t support automatic mail forwarding. It will work with any email account that supports the standard POP3 protocol. After setting up mail fetching, will automatically check your other email account for new email and pull it into your inbox. It works like an email client.  
It has some limitations. It’s limited to a maximum of 50 messages, which are fetched every 30 minutes. If you have more than 50 messages to receive, they’ll be grabbed by at the next 30-minute refresh. For this reason, mail forwarding is a faster, better solution if your other account supports it.
1. To set up mail fetching, click the Sending/receiving email from other accounts link under Managing your account.
Sending/receiving email from other accounts

2. Click the Add an email account link on this page.
Add an email account

3. Provide the email address and password of your other account. will try to determine the appropriate POP3 email server settings automatically, but you can also click the Advanced Options link and enter your other email account’s server information by hand.
3. You’ll be asked whether you want to receive the email in your inbox or in an account-specific folder.


4. Once you done, you have to log into the email account and click a confirmation link before will start showing you the account’s email.
You can add up to four different POP3 accounts on the Sending/receiving mail from other accounts page.

Send Mail from other email account using

Like receiving emails from other account, you can send mails from other account using  For this set up’s “send Mail from feature”.
When you set up an account with the mail-fetching feature and click the link in the confirmation email, it will automatically be set up as a new “Send Mail From” address. If you used the email forwarding method above or want to add a different email account, click the Add another account to send mail from link and provide the other email address you want to send mail from and click the Send verification email button.

Send Mail from other email account using
After clicking the verification link sent to the other email account, you’ll be able to select the other email address when sending emails.

Send Mail from other email account using
You are done!!!