Privacy Features in Internet Explorer 9

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Privacy features in Internet Explorer 9 can help enhance users privacy while browse online. This article describes about the privacy features of Internet Explorer 9.

InPrivate Browsing

Sometimes you don’t want to leave a trace of your web browsing activity on your computer.  In such cases, start the browser in the “InPrivate” browsing mode. Using this way Internet Explorer will automatically delete any information associated with your browsing session, including cookies, temporary internet files, browsing history when you are done browsing and close your window.

To start the browser in this mode, open Internet Explorer and hold Ctrl + Shift + P. Alternatively, you can click on the gears icon, go to “Safety”, and click on “InPrivate Browsing” or just launch InPrivate Browsing from the bottom of your new tab page.

Delete browsing history on exit

You can set Internet Explorer to delete browsing history every time when you exit. For this, just go to “Internet Options” and on the General tab check “Delete browsing history on exit.”

If you don’t want to delete all the information, Internet Explorer lets you preserve data from your favorite sites. For this, just go to “Internet Options” and on the General tab, select Delete under Browsing history and check the “Preserve Favorites website data”. When you do this, Internet Explorer will not delete information associated with sites that you’ve added to your favorites list.

Tracking Protection

Tracking Protection is a feature built into Internet Explorer 9 that can help block online tracking.  For this you need to install a Tracking Protection List and these lists tell your browser to block certain servers and allow others. Severs that are blocked cannot communicate with your browser and collect information about you.
You can access the Tracking Protection List gallery by clicking on the Gears icon, “Safety”, “Tracking Protection”, and finally on the link “Get a Tracking Protection list online” in the window. Once there, simply click on the install link to install a Tracking Protection List.