- Instant Screen Sharing Tool

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Sunday, April 29, 2012

One day your friend called and asking your expertise to solve the problem with his computer but you feel difficulty to assist your friend with the limited description. Here comes the need of remote assistance and you may be able to help your friend, if you can take the remote control of his computer and see what is going on his screen. is a simple screen sharing tool from Logmein and using this tool you are able to instant screen sharing with text chat, voice conferencing, share files etc…
To share your screen visit from any Windows or Mac computer and click on orange share button, download the app and run it. Then share the URL with the friend and they will connect instant screen sharing.

Other than the web access from your personal computer, it supports mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. And also available on the Android Market. Connect and check the app with free trail.