Best Android Tablet Finance Apps for Your Business

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2012

These days the technology world is more savage for the new innovations and features in tablets, savvy entrepreneurs are wondering to explore the benefits of this technology to improve their business.

If you want some financial help to buy Android tablet PC try considering financial aid from cashloans uk. Have you got an Android tablet with you? Looking for apps that can increase your productivity, work and business, here are some best Android tablet finance apps:

Quickoffice Pro: This app for your Android tablet offers a powerful office suite where you can perform many functions more than playing games, sending e-mail, music and so on. This office suite lets you access Microsoft Office spreadsheets, files, documents, presentations and so on where you can either open or edit it in both online and offline status. The app offers multiple zooming levels that are very easy to zoom and scroll. Some key features of this app are:

  •      Built with smart technology and intuitive user interface
  •      Share and access files via cloud, e-mail, Bluetooth or through social media
  •      Mange and access files anywhere on your tablet 

ThinkFree Mobile: ThinkFree mobile application offers an optimized mobile office suite for tablets that provides great user experience. This app allows users to sign up by using Google account and user can share or upload files between their tablets to cloud storage. Some key features of this app are:

  •       Supports multi-email attachment
  •       Option to encode the entered text
  •       Support Google Docs

OfficeDrop: This application helps to track business expenses just by capturing the images for receipts with your tablet or storing those photographs in the app online. It allows its users to make use of cloud storage database service which can share files, scans and sync search text. Some key features of this app are:

  •       Modified PDF’s and files are automatically saved
  •       Option to turn your tablet as a scanner
  •       Search documents for given input text, words or even numbers

Balance Book: This application allows business entrepreneurs to track their profits; this is quite useful for small business entrepreneurs, customer service providers, and sales persons as they allow previewing the profits and balancing them further. Some key features of this app are:

  •       Price, loan and math calculator
  •       Checks updates automatically
  •       The database can be expanded

eWEEK: The app provides latest news from trusted source regarding business software and hardware products. It also provides guidelines from experts about configuration, installation, and evaluation of a particular software service. The news can be very useful to boost their business productivity, efficiency and helps in keeping their business competitive on the market. Some key features of this app are:

  •       User can engage with articles, videos, and slideshows
  •       Built based on cloud computing
  •       Option to navigate from one article to another on related topics 

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