How to protect workbook, documents and presentation using password?

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Saturday, November 24, 2012

There is high importance in security and privacy at business environment.  For example, if you sharing a business document with others in the office you should like to encrypt the document with password.

In Microsoft application like excel, word and PowerPoint, you can do this in simple way. You can set passwords for open and modify the file, then share those passwords to other users which you like to open this file and modify.  If you sharing only the open password with others, they can’t do any editing and it just open in read-only mode.

Here is the simple steps to do this trick.

1. Open the file which you want to encrypt
2. Click on File and select Save As
3. From Save As dialog box choose Tools and then select General Options
Save As
4. Then set the password for Open and Modify , then select the option Read-only recommended

General Options

5. Click OK and Save the file

You are done! Next time it will ask for password to open and modify the file.