Remove unwanted tool bar using Toolbar Cleaner

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2012

As you know toolbar is an application which makes surfing internet easy and fast.  In other hand, it has bad haviour too. If you installed bad toolbars like searchqu, Babylon, funmoods and Mystart, it definitely makes surfing the internet bit hard. Once these toolbar get installed on the computer, it is hard to remove. In my previous posts I have discussed about the manual removal of these toolbars from Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome. Here I would like to share a free tool that can use to remove unwanted toolbars.

Toolbar Cleaner is a free application that helps to remove unwanted toolbars from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. It’s really a one-click solution to purging all of the unwanted toolbars from your computer. Additionally, using this tool you can remove browser help object which are add-ins that modifies a web browser and also you can manage windows start up items. 

Toolbar Cleaner

Download it from here

Note: Like every freeware it is also have pre-selected options to “change the homepage” and to install “Anti-phishing Domain Advisor” protection on the system. If you do not want these, make sure you disable these options during the installation of Toolbar Cleaner.