How to block unauthorized transfer of files from your computer via USB or CD?

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Monday, January 28, 2013

You may have come across many situations where data protection is important. Suppose if your friend or colleague copied any of your files or data in his pen drive or CD from your computer without permission, would you like it? So if you sharing your PC with someone else you may would like to have a control over your USB or CD drive from unauthorized access.

URC Access Modes’ is a FREE tool that allows you to protect your computer from unauthorized transfer of files via USB or CD. It controls only your Mass Storage Devices whereas your USB Peripheral Devices will work normal including USB Mouse, Keyboard, and Webcam etc…


This programs is easy to use and it allows

Control USB Devices: Enable/Disable, Read Only USB Mass Storage Devices including Pen Drives, External Hard Disk etc

Control CD/DVD Drive: Enable/Disable CD/DVD Drive.

Control Windows Registry: Enable/Disable Registry to prevent unauthorized access to registry,

URC ACCESS MODES is password protected so to make any changes password is required. Moreover it is portable No setup is required. You can download this program from here

If you know more tricky way to do it, share it on comments.