Which is the Better Budget Phone? IPhones 5 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Introduction of the Best Smartphones

Many people who want to upgrade their phones may have two better options that include Samsung Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5. These two belongs to the line of top most selling Smartphones in the mobile world.  Upgrading to either of the two can be a really tough decision and totally confusing because these two are housed with amazing features that make one better than the other.  Choosing between these two phones needs careful consideration if you want to spend your money for something that is worth it.

Smartphones have been the latest trending scheme in the mobile world these days.  For this reason manufacturers have faced the demand to pack their new products with technological innovations that would invade the mobile industry. As people began to venture into the world of Smartphone, they make demands for new advanced features in a phone. This is especially true to people who are taking an Android Training Course as they want to maximize their knowledge and education.

Nowadays, these two Smartphones are strongly in demand. However, they have a slightly different approach when it comes to designs, displays, covers, applications and other factors. Before you even ask yourself which is cheaper, try to be familiar with their features first.

iPhone 5 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S III

This is the product of Apple Inc., the leading manufacturer of Smartphones. Apple released iPhone 5 in the market aiming to meet the customer’s needs and requirements. Apple IPhone 5 Factory Unlocked Quad Band Smartphone - 16GB Price: $1,099.99. It develops a new form factor giving people an option to have a phone with advance features and creating a fashion statement. As people demand for a change in looks and applications of Smartphones, Apple brings the iPhone 5 to the market to let people enjoy browsing into new applications featured in the phone. The aluminum panel is a great shift in its design but this somehow makes it lighter than the earlier model. Its size is just perfect for a one hand to hold without the risk of easily dropping it.

Samsung Galaxy S III it’s Price:  $599.99. Samsung that uses Android operating system. It has a removable memory card which can be upgraded and a thin appearance that has lured people’s purchasing power. While iPhone 5 is made of metal aluminum Samsung Galaxy S III is made of plastic which help make it look thinner and flexible. Both phones actually use tough glass material in their display panel but iPhone is said to be tougher. When it comes to price comparison, the prices of these smartphones will actually depend on the seller. Although people can expect them to be expensive, their price is just reasonable for their quality.

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