Send Large Files using SEND6

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Monday, August 05, 2013

When you using business email you will have certain limitation on your mailbox depends on the policy in the organization.  So you will get in trouble when you send email with large file attachment. Even the most free email service providers also limited their attachment size from 10 MB to 25 MB.

Now a days there are plenty of ways to share a large file and most common services are Google doc, Skydive, Drop box etc…

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Here I would like to share you another online service which help you sending email with large size file attachment.  If you are using business email, you may don’t want to register any accounts with other online services to send large size attachment. Using SEND6 service, you can achieve this goal without any additional registration.  But to get more features you need to buy their Personal / Professional/ Business/ Cooperate service. However their Free Late plan is also good for those who would like to send a large attachment mail once in a month or two. Its Fast and Simple. Test it now at

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