Get Free WonderFox DVD Video Converter Plus Nikon Digital Camera/iPhone 5S - Giveaway

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Thursday, October 03, 2013

Today I am excited to announce, as part of World Tourism Day! WonderFox Organized week Campaign and you have a chance to win Free WonderFox DVD Video Converter and Nikon Digital Camera/iPhone 5S. 

WonderFox DVD Video Converter provides the easiest solution to convert DVD and video files. Also let you edit or design output video by merging, clipping, cropping videoor adding special effects.


  • Support all of Encrypted DVDs and 100+ Video Formats
  • 30X-50X Faster Conversion Speed with 0-Quality-Loss
  • Online Video Downloader
  • 15-Minute Free Trial for Each Video
  • Easily Merge, Clip, Crop Video and Add Special Effects
  • Support Variable bitrate (VBR) - Better Quality with Smaller File Size 
More over this selected 3 winners get Nikon Digital Camera and one who get ultimate prize iPhone 5S. For more details about the campaign visit

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