How to use Skype in Windows8 without Microsoft Account

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Today I came across an issue with Skype in Windows8 and I am surprised that Microsoft forcing to create a an account and merge with Skype during the installation. 

When I go through Skype support, I got information that if you are using Windows 8 operating system, you should have Microsoft account to download Skype or any other application from the Windows Store. Also when you run the Skype first time, you will be prompted to sign in to Skype with your Microsoft account and merge it otherwise you could not able to move forward. They claims that if you merge your account, you can continue to use Skype normally and also be able to contact your Messenger friends.

I think its annoying and most of the people don't want to do that. During my search in Internet I found a solution that you can follow to solve this problem 

Solution:- Download Skype from and install on your Windows8 computer. 

Please write your comments and share if you know any alternate solution to use modern Skype in Windows 8 without Microsoft account.