How to Easily Backup Android to the Cloud

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Sunday, January 12, 2014

Despite all the safety measures, theft prevention software and the overall reliability of the Android platform, you can never be completely sure that your phone (or tablet) won’t go berserk at one point, or simply stop working. If something like that was to happen, you would lose all your valuable data that you had stored on the device, including your photos, important text messages and the like. That’s why it may be a good idea to every once in a while backup the data that you want to keep.

There are numerous ways to do this, and you can even chose to backup the data locally, on the hard drive o your PC, but backing it up in the cloud allows you to later easily retrieve the data from another device, or access it from multiple devices, without having to have access to your PC in order to do so.

Google Account

One of the more convenient things about being able to create your profile on Google is that you can easily save the data from your Android device to the cloud. This includes everything from your bookmarks to email, calendar, apps and contacts. The option to do this is under the settings tab on your device. Go to Settings and then Privacy and you’ll see the option to backup your settings and enable automatic restore.

Naturally, make sure that you are backing up the right account, as you’ll be given the option of backing up any account that you may have. Following that, you should go to Account and Sync tab, also under Settings, and check all the options that are offered there, and just like that, most of your data is safe in the cloud.

SMS Backup +

This app doesn’t come with Android so you’ll have to download it, but it’s completely free, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Once you install the app you can use it to easily send all your text message threads to your Gmail account, where they will be sorted under SMS tab.

You can do the same for your call log entries and MMS messages, but while you can restore log entries and text messages to your phone, you are not given the same option with MMS, but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for a majority of users, and might get addressed in one of the future incarnations of the app.

Google Instant Upload

If you are running at least Android 2.2 or a newer version, your phone came with this service. Basically, once you enable it, all the images or videos that you take are instantly uploaded to your Google+ account. The album will be named ‘From the phone’, and is completely private, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else seeing your media, unless you later decide to make it public. You should get the option of enabling this service the first time that you sign up, but if you didn't or you want to do it later, you can find the option in Menu/Settings. 

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