Samsung Galaxy Alpha Possible 2014 Release Date

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Friday, August 08, 2014

Samsung's flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5 constitutes a fillip phone with high-end specs as well as a high-resolution test. This, nevertheless, is zero enough for Samsung to stand up on top of the smartphone marketplace. Plenty of other producers are close behind and new South Korean tech giant would demand nothing new to sleep to come.

Unlike Apple's iPhone five or HTC's One M8, the Samsung Galaxy S5 feels cheap in conditions of ground quality as the body's mainly made of plastic. The Galaxy S5 is also beat by the LG G3 under term of screen declaration, with the G3 offering a QHD showing with regard to the S5's Full HD display.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

In order to contend with its competitors, Samsung is already preparing the Galaxy Alpha or Galaxy Prime in Southern Korea using the important points covered; a greater screen/screen declaration and a premium designing chassis.

Essentially, the Galaxy Alpha is an upgraded version under the Galaxy S5 and may in two variants; the Galaxy S5 F and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha. Nothing's place in stone yet and changes can be made under the enterprise at any moment before initial unveiling.

Initially, the Galaxy Prime was placed to stand for carried out available sometime mid-June but the window has previously unsympathetic. July has ended as well and it will be unlikely that trade market will view the Prime release for Grand. Rumours are holding that the Galaxy Prime is because of be announced sometime in December.

A world-wide statement, but, is uncertain as there are rumors that a working image or alpha build is difficult to go make of. Getting to increase the test size to reflect the QHD showing, Samsung has had trouble building the.

Samsung is also reportedly having difficulties producing the metal cases during the telephone substance only a limited number of phones will receive built. The limitation might even make the Galaxy Prime a South Korean sole release.

A definite release date is unknown but there are speculations whereas the phone will definitely come out this year, in one shape or other.

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