OPPO N3 - World's First phone with motorised swivel camera

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The smartphone market is changing faster than ever and to keep up, the manufacturers are working overtime to come up with the best. We have seen lot of new innovations in the past couple of years and this has resulted in the introduction of some really very smart features in mobile devices. We recently saw Oppo announce the N3 which comes with a motorised swivelling camera along with other features like hybrid fingerprint scanner. With this new feature, they try to take the camera features a step further and also give the selfie lovers something to be happy about. This device also comes with a mini remote too, like something that you would use with your DSLR to release the shutter. With all these features, the Oppo N3 looks like a promising device and we take a closer look at this device and all the smart features it offers.

Design and built

The device look big and it actually is. There is no way you can have a 5.5 inch display on a small device. The dimensions aren’t small by any standards. It is 161 mm tall, 77 mm wide and 9.9 mm thick. It is also quite heavy, tipping the scale at 192 Gms. The device feels bulkier compared to the Galaxy Note 4 or LG G3. Still the device is smaller than the Oppo N1 which was too big to be practical. The phone has got a swivel camera on the top so the components that usually sit there are moved to other spots. The micro USB port is present on the left side and the headphone jack is on the right. While the device has been made out of plastic, it gets a steel frame running around it which gives it a solid feel and also helps with the grip. The back is smooth and nice to touch. Thankfully the back isn’t glossy so you won’t see smudge marks all over it. You will find a shiny fingerprint scanner on the back near the logo. Near the bottom you will find the LED notification light bar that we saw on the Oppo Find 7 or maybe on the Xperia SP.


Recently various manufacturers decided that full HD is not enough for mobile phones and they should go for 2K resolution. Even Oppo came with device with 2K display but thankfully they have adhered to full HD here. Even with a 5.5 inch display, you get a pixel density of over 400 ppi which is more than enough. You need superhuman eyes to spot the difference in sharpness between this display and LG G3’s display. The display is pretty good with impressive viewing angles and natural colours. The saturation could have been a bit better though. This is an IPS LCD display so the blacks are obviously not as good as the Note 4. The display comes with Gorilla Glass 3 protection to save it against minor scratches and mild drops.


The Oppo N3 runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset with the quad core processor running at 2.3 GHz. This chipset can actually support higher clock speeds but for some reason, they have decided to go for 2.3 GHz. Still pretty good. You get 2 GB of RAM and an Adreno 330 GPU. The hardware is reasonably powerful to ensure that the device doesn’t break a sweat in processing and you always have a lot of power at your disposal. You get 32 GB of internal storage and you can also add a micro SD card so it shouldn’t be a concern for anyone. It is powered by a 3000 mAh battery which is reasonably powerful for such a device. It also gets fast charging capabilities for when you need to charge up your device quickly. The device comes with a fingerprint scanner on the rear. Thankfully it isn’t like the scanner you find on Samsung devices that would require a swipe. It is a simple button that would scan the finger when you press it which makes it far more convenient. It makes the operation much easier as the power key has been placed on left side of the device. You can add multiple fingerprints to unlock the device and also restrict the other users from complete access to your data.


Of course this is the highlight of this device. The rotating camera on top of the device and that too a motorized one. It allows the lens to rotate 206 degrees which is actually more than what we expected. The camera has a 16 megapixel sensor and the pixel size is larger than the usual crop of mobile phone cameras. The camera software is similar to what you would find on most Oppo device except for a couple of additions. There is a manual mode which you can use to manually adjust the focus and obtain some impressive results. The image quality is pretty impressive from the camera.
With this device, you get the O Click accessory. It is a small remote control with 5 button construction and allows you to control various functions but most importantly the camera. You can release the camera shutter using this remote. It would also allow you to control the angle of rotating camera. It could be of great use when you are trying to put the device somewhere and shoot a panorama. Overall they have done a really good job with the camera and this O Click.


It is really great to see devices where the manufactures have tried to go beyond the tradition and do something different with the product. The Oppo N3 is one such device and judging by what has turned up so far, they have done a pretty good job. It is a considerable improvement over the previous devices that we saw from the manufacturer. The rotating camera, fingerprint scanner and remote control are really nice additions. The device is a strong contender against the top players in the market.

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