Smartphone App Development - iOS vs Android [Infographic]

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The World with the population of 7.1 billion people has more than 1 billion smartphone users. Mobile operating systems are running on the smartphones e.g. Android, iOS, Windows OS, BlackBerry and Firefox OS.

Google’s Android is the most popular and widely used smartphone operating system followed by Apple’s iOS in second place.

Android covers 80% market share with leadership in 135 countries, while iOS cover 15% market share of the total smartphones sale being leader in 38 countries. Android phones are available at low prices that’s why it has been easily adopted in emerging countries which have low per capita income. Google has not tied android with any single manufacturer company and that makes its easy accessibility and variety of hardware choices by people while iOS are only tied with Apple’s devices bearing higher prices.

iOS developers found that 36% apps complete within one month while android developers told that around 41% apps develop within one month. Apple’s iTunes charges $99 per year for publishing an app and 1-2 weeks of approval time while Google Play Store charges $25 per year and approves an app within 6-9 hours.

Google Play Store has around 1.4 million applications published on it, out of which 85% apps are free and 42% apps have In-app purchases while iTunes has 1.3 million apps published on it amongst which 25% apps are free and 32% apps have In-app purchases. IOS users generate 62% share of web traffic  through their iPhone devices while Android users generate 38% share of web traffic.

Know lots of informative facts about iOS and android from below infographic.

Smartphone app development - iOS vs Android
Image courtesy: Nine Hertz

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