How to Improve Your Digital Workplace Environment with PDF Converter Elite 4

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Thursday, June 11, 2015

Following the latest tech trends, we can't but accept turning our traditional office into a digital workplace. Buying different gadgets for better business performance is just a start. It’s useless to have powerful machines without using document management programs. Such programs help you be more efficient in your work and have become a must-have in everyday business world.

One such tool for document manipulation is PDF Converter Elite. Here’s how you can take advantage of it:

Edit scanned PDF tables with custom PDF to Excel conversion

If you choose to scan your papers and turn them into digital format, you will have all that paperwork in your computer. The thing is, you will sometimes need to rework some of your documents and that can be a daunting task if the document is scanned. Luckily, with PDF Converter Elite you can convert scanned files and actually extract data you need from scanned image into an editable document. And what’s more, there is an additional feature for personalized conversions of PDF files to Excel which helps you edit tables, and adjust rows and columns according to your needs. You just need to open a PDF in PCE program, click on Excel button and then choose “Advanced options” button which will open the panel with different Excel settings you can apply to your document (as shown below in the picture).

Extract only data you need, not the whole document

Sometimes you need to edit the whole document and there is no need to convert all of it. That’s why select options are useful; you can choose to convert the whole document, specific pages or a specific area as shown in the picture below.

Keep your documents confidential with PDF creation advanced security options

In the past, you may have used to lock your confidential documents in one drawer. Now that your paperwork became digital, there is an alternative way to do the same. First you’ll need a file that is in any other format but PDF. You probably have a document that contains some confidential data, for example in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. You just need to open it in PDF Converter Elite by following these simple steps:

Go to the View menu and click to open PDF Creation Options window as shown below.

After you tick the box “Secure PDF”, apply different permissions and set a password, click OK.

Then click the Create button from the menu in order to open a document that you want to save as secure PDF. In this way, only people who have the password will be able to see data from the document.

Preserve comments from your source documents for better team collaboration

In traditional workspace you used to leave comments on your papers by writing them down with a pen. Now, there is an option in MS Office to leave comments to your coworkers. It makes your team collaboration easier. When you complete your report or other business document, you may want to keep those comments there, for future reference. That’s why this additional PDF creation option can help you. Just open the same PDF Creation Options window as described in the previous paragraph, then click the tab “MS Office” and tick the box “Retain comments from source documents”.

Moving from traditional workspace to digital one can be very time consuming, but in the end it pays off. Download PDFConverter Elite and find out if that’s the right tool to help you deal with digital paperwork.