Convert PDF to Word Online 100% Free

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Microsoft Word is the best known and widely used word processing application. From legal documentation and academic papers business memos and professional reports, Microsoft Word is the go-to tool for creating and editing text documents.  

However, when sharing your .doc files with other parties, you can’t be sure that the person you are sending the file to will see it in the same way you do.  They may be using a different operating system, a different word processing software or even a different version of MS Word. In all cases, there’s a high possibility that the document formatting will be skewed. 

This is why transferring your documents into the PDF format before sharing them with other users is the safest choice you can make. That way you’re confident that everyone will see the document’s layout in the same manner, no matter which device or software they’re using.  

Yet, there’s a problem with PDFs, as well. This format, by its very nature, is not an editable one. If you want to reuse or change some of the text locked inside a PDF, one option would be to retype the text into MS Word. Depending on the size of the file, this can take hours or even days. Not really time well-spent. A far more productive and time saving solution would be to use a software application that extracts text and other information from PDF file into an editable .doc or .docx format.  

With an appropriate PDF to Word Converter, you get the best of both .docx and PDF worlds - the first one for editing and the latter for sharing and archiving your documents. You just need to make sure that the PDF to Word converter that you’re using is reliable, accurate and easy to use.  

There are a lot of services out there that can provide you with the above mentioned features, but are usually costly. But don’t get discouraged, because there’s a fully free online PDF toWord Converter that everyone can use by following these three simple steps:
1.    Upload the file that you want to convert   
2.    Type in your email address where you want to receive your converted file
3.    Click the Start button to begin the conversion  

Within minutes, you’ll receive an email with a download link to the converted file. This link will be valid for 24 hours after the conversion. Once 24 hours have passed, all your personal information (both email address and document sent for conversion) will be deleted permanently. Investintech, the company behind the converter, respects its customers’ privacy, and as such,  they guarantee that all the personal information they receive from users will never be shared with anyone else.