How to create photo collage online..

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Tuesday, May 17, 2016

FotoJet, a free online collage maker, you can use it to turn your photos into splendid collages. Then after you finish them, you are allowed to share them with your family and friends via social platform. FotoJet provides 700+ creative collage templates and 80+ classic collage layouts for you to use. You can use it smoothly in any browser.
There are two major parts they are design mode and collage mode. In the following paper I will give you some details about how to use them to make your own creations effectively.

Part one: Design Mode

DESIGN mode, a powerful editor, is newly added to FotoJet, 200+ revamped and 70+ newly designed templates are provided for you to make your own creations. You can also use 80+ shapes & lines to modify your designs, and search 580,000+ images and 93,000+ clipart from Internet to customize in your pictures. All these new features ensure you more convenient to design unique creations. It contains the following categories, and they are all very popular now.

In DESIGN mode, there are 300+ social media graphics such as Facebook Cover, Facebook Post, Instagram Post, Twitter Header and YouTube Channel Art. What’s make it different from collages is that all these templates are embedded with wonderful pictures. You can get your designs in seconds with some adjustments and then save or print them out, at the same time you can share them to popular social platforms.
The following will show you how to use it. Take Facebook cover as an example.

Step 1

There are plenty of template provide by design mode, click the one you want, and you can print it out or share to popular social platforms after some slight adjustment, for they are embedded with beautiful pictures. Or you can add photos from your Facebook or computer, and what’s more you can search 580,000+ images from Pixabay and choose whichever you like to add. In this way you can make an outstanding Facebook cover which come from your own Facebook cover photo design inspiration.

Step 2

Design mode enables you to add 80+ shapes & lines to beautify your creations by simply dragging or with just one click. You can arrange them at will by moving, resizing and rotating. These shapes can be divide into three kinds, just choose the most suitable one to use. Here I will show you a sample.

Step 3

Additionally, design mode makes it more convenient for you to search online clipart to add into your creations in DESIGN mode. You can search 93,000+ clipart from Open Clipart, I believe your need can be met there no matter how particular you are. What make you more excited is that the clipart you added can be freely adjusted with color overlay. You can make them into all what you love.

Step 4

Besides, design mode provides many new background resources for you to beautify your creations. So don’t worry that you may not like the background which contained in the template, you can change it into whatever you need, it can be one in the sample or it can from your computer. With so many great new features and under a more intuitive GUI, you are able to unleash their creativity to the most!

Now your unique design is ok, just print it out or share it with your friends.

Part two: collage mode 

Users can make classic or creative collages from 80+ layouts and 600+ templates on collage. It can be use to make all kinds of collages, misc and photo cards. You can use it to make some special mother’s day cards or father’s day card sends to your mother on mother’s day or father on father’s day. Now, I will show you how to make them. Take creative collage as an example. What you need to do is just the following few steps. 

Step 1 

Open templates list, there are many fantastic ones here. Just choose whichever you like and click it. The template you need is added in editor. If you find that you need to change a template, what you need to do is just click the other one you like. It will change into the one you want.

Step 2 

There are two ways for you to add photo. You can add them from your Facebook, or you can right add them from your computer. Just add the photos you like, after that you are allow to add them as what the sample shows or add some to beautify your creation. For the former one, you just need drag the photos you need or prefer to the place you need. For the latter one, a simple click action is enough. In the following picture, the car is added by click, and others are added by drag, you can have a clarified understanding of this by the below picture.

Step 3 

Use some text to express your feeling or whatever you love to put on it. Come to text and choose one of the text samples you want, and click it. Then you can arrange it to a proper place, and start to edit it with your own words. After that you can change its color, shape and size into your favorite one.

Step 4 

Add some clipart to modify your picture. There are hundreds of clipart provide for you. Open the clipart list, and pick up some one you like by click them. Its size and location can be arranged as you like.

What’s more, if you don’t like the background, you may change it to whatever you love, you can change it into one of provide samples or choose a nice picture from your computer. 

Up to now, the collage can be printed out or share with friends immediately.
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