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How to customize the keyboard shortcuts for your Applications

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Sunday, August 12, 2012
In my previous post we discussed about the common keyboard shortcuts. As I said earlier keyboard shortcuts are always a milestone to open application simply and quickly.  Here I would to share a trick which you can use to customize the keyboard shortcuts for regularly using application programs. So you can launch application when the combination of keys is pressed which you entered as the Shortcut Key for that application.

To create Shortcut key for any application in Windows:

1. Right click the program icon and select Properties.
2. Then select the Shortcut tab
3. Click in Shortcut key text box
4. Enter the keyboard shortcut for that program.

5. Press OK to exit
6. Use the Keyboard shortcut combo to launch the application.

Facebook Shortcut Keys – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Saturday, June 30, 2012
Key board shortcuts are always a mile stone and in my previous post I described about Internet Explorer and Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts. We are all social network users and almost everyone have the Facebook account. Here I would like to share the common Facebook Shortcut Keys which you can use in top 3 Internet browsers.

Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts for Quick Browsing

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Monday, April 30, 2012

For easy navigation in windows, keyboard shortcuts help you a lot. Here I would like to share the common keyboard shortcuts which you can use in Internet explorer for a quick browsing.

Alt+Home - Go to your home page
Alt+Right Arrow - Go to the next page
Alt+Left Arrow or Backspace - Go to the previous page
Alt+D - Select the text in the Address bar
Alt+C or Ctrl+I - Open Favorites
Ctrl+O - Open a new website or page
Ctrl+F - Find on this page
Ctrl+N - Open a new window
Ctrl+W - Close the current window
Ctrl+T - Open a new tab
Ctrl+K - Duplicate tab (open current tab in a new tab)
Ctrl+E - Open a search query in the Address bar
Ctrl+J - Open Download Manager
Ctrl+H - Open History
Ctrl+D - Add the current page to your favorites
Ctrl+B - Open the Organize Favorites dialog box
Ctrl+Enter - Add www. to the beginning and .com to the end of the text typed in the Address bar
Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab - Switch between tabs
Ctrl+Shift+T - Reopen the last tab you closed
Ctrl+Shift+P - Open a new InPrivate Browsing window
Ctrl+Shift+Delete - Delete browsing history
Esc - Stop downloading a page
F4 - Display a list of addresses you've typed
F11 - Toggle between full-screen and regular views of the browser window

Complete List of Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows8

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2012

Keyboard shortcuts make the navigation on the Windows easier and convenient. Now we have Windows8 and Microsoft have released the full list of keyboard shortcuts that have in WIndows8.  If you have not yet tried the Windows 8 release download Windows 8 Consumer Preview from here.

Then try the below shortcuts

Win + B – Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop and select the tray notification area.
Win + C – Brings up the Charms menu, where you can search, share, and change settings.
Win + D – Brings up the old Windows desktop.
Win + E – Launch Windows Explorer with Computer view displayed.
Win + F – Brings up the Metro File search screen.
Win + H – Opens the Metro Share panel.
Win + I – Opens the Settings panel, where you can change settings for the current app, change volume, wireless networks, shut down, or adjust the brightness.
Win + J – Switches focus between snapped Metro applications.
Win + K – Opens the Devices panel (for connecting to a projector or some other device)
Win + L – Lock PC and return to Lock screen.
Win + M – Minimize all Windows on the desktop
Win + O – Locks device orientation.
Win + P – Choose between available displays.
Win + Q – Brings up the Metro App Search screen.
Win + R – Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop and display the Run box.
Win + U – Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop and launch the Ease of Access Center.
Win + V – Cycles through toasts.
Win + W – Brings up the Metro Settings search screen.
Win + X – Launch Start Menu.
Win + Y – Temporarily peek at the desktop.
Win + Z – Opens the App Bar for the current Metro application.
Win + Page Up / Down – Moves tiles to the left / right.
Win + Tab – Opens the Metro application switcher menu, switches between applications.
Win + , (comma) – Aero Peek at the desktop.
Win + . (period) – Snaps the current Metro application to one side of the screen. (Right side)
Win + Shift + . (period) – Snaps the current Metro application to the other side of the screen. (Left side)
Win + Space – Switch input language and keyboard layout.
Win + Shift + V – Cycles through toasts in reverse order.
Win + Enter – Launches Narrator
Win + Arrow Keys – Switch to the (classic) Windows desktop and enable Aero Snap

For printing, download the PDF ( or download the XPS (