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PDF to PowerPoint Converter That Can Save You Hours

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Sunday, September 25, 2016

One thing is for certain: people can get frustrated easily when working with diverse, complicated documents. It is a constant struggle of handling too much information and some people are not able to use that to their advantage and keep up with usual daily tasks. This can be an issue for amateurs, professionals or anyone who works with a lot of data. To overcome these problems, people usually turn to online software to organize their work. And if you think about it, it has become almost impossible to imagine a day without an online service to support you along the way.           

One tool that helps you spend less time on preparing your presentations is Investintech’s PDFto PowerPoint converter. This tool can convert non-editable PDF files into fully editable PowerPoint documents, with high accuracy. The service is completely free and it’s a true lifesaver for people working on PPT presentations, regardless of their line of work. For example, if you are a project manager, this tool can save you hours by converting your PDF notes directly to PowerPoint. Teachers, on the other hand, can use this tool to prepare more appealing lectures for their class. These are just some examples how people can benefit from this tool. And the list goes on and on.  

Here is how you can use this online PDF to PowerPoint service and convert your files in 3 simple steps:

First Step

Select the PDF you would like to convert. With its integrated OCR engine, the tool converts both native and scanned files. 

Second Step

Type in your email address.

Third Step

Press the Start button to upload and convert your file. After some time, you will receive a link with your converted document.

The conversion is quick and accurate, with no limitations to the file size or the number of pages you can convert. Important thing to know is that your files will be deleted from Investintech’s servers after 24 hours, so don't forget to download them on time.

This is just one of the many tools for those moments when you get stuck and need some help. Of course, there are plenty of different PDF tools for different problems. For example, if you need to edit just one or two sentences in your PDF file you can use Investintech’s PDFEditor, which comes with a 7 day free trial.

So, there you go, a quick PDF toolkit that can save you hours per project and leave you completely stress free with a focus on results. Do you use any other productivity software? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

How to Tweak Your Scanned PDF Documents

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2016
If you’re a businessman who lives and works in the 21st century, there is a strong possibility that you’ve experienced on your own skin the frustration of having to edit a scanned PDF of an important document that you’ve received from a business partner or a colleague. It is always quite unpleasant having to deal with this type of situation, but even more so if the need to finish this task is urgent and other pressing tasks are dependent on it. The files that are most frequently scanned and later converted to PDF form are Excel spread sheets, who with their all-around capabilities are fantastic for all sorts of things, from invoices, work reports, business plans and much more. The first thing we should cover is clarifying the need to send a PDF file, instead of some other file type.
This format was developed by the Adobe corporation in the last decade of the 2000’s, and not long after it became the top choice for sharing of document-type files between computers, and later on from computers to other devices (smartphones and tablets), and vice versa. But, what makes this format so different from others, and why are they so tricky for editing?
The PDF is a completely standalone file format, meaning that it doesn’t depend on any software, hardware or operating system to present documents, which makes it perfect for sharing, because the user knows that if he sends the file to someone else, the other person will be able to view it perfectly no matter if he opens it on a Windows computer, or a Mac, or his iPhone, Android, or any other device. But, once the PDF is created out of another format, it automatically becomes a read only file, and the only way to change it is to use specialised software or tools designed just for that task.

A great free tool for converting scanned (and regular) Excel files is PDF to Excel, an online tool with whom you can transform your PDF file back to Excel in no-time, and get back to your important work with very little time spent on this trivial at first glance, but in this case, quite necessary task.
Using this tool, you have an option to load the file from your hard-drive, or to upload it from one of the three biggest cloud services in the world right now, Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive, another feature that can undoubtedly save some precious time.
As far as conversion time goes, it usually lasts for about one minute for standard-sized files, and there is no limit for the number of conversions, nor for the size of the file. It’s important to note that scanned PDF files are rather complicated for processing, but using the advanced Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR), they won’t pose a threat to this tool.
So the steps go like this; first-off you should choose the file for converting, clicking on the upload, or one of the cloud-services buttons.
After you’ve chosen the file, the conversion process will begin automatically, after which the download button will appear.
And that’s pretty much it! Another feature that should definitely be noted is that this tool doesn’t require any kind of personal information given, which is utterly rare among this types of tools. Also, all files uploaded to the server of the company are deleted after six hours in batches, and user privacy is absolutely guaranteed.
This is all that we have prepared for you today, and next time before you get upset after you received a PDF file in your inbox, remember PDF to Excel online tool, and get the job done so much quicker. 

Convert PDF to Word Online 100% Free

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Wednesday, December 02, 2015
Microsoft Word is the best known and widely used word processing application. From legal documentation and academic papers business memos and professional reports, Microsoft Word is the go-to tool for creating and editing text documents.  

However, when sharing your .doc files with other parties, you can’t be sure that the person you are sending the file to will see it in the same way you do.  They may be using a different operating system, a different word processing software or even a different version of MS Word. In all cases, there’s a high possibility that the document formatting will be skewed. 

This is why transferring your documents into the PDF format before sharing them with other users is the safest choice you can make. That way you’re confident that everyone will see the document’s layout in the same manner, no matter which device or software they’re using.  

Yet, there’s a problem with PDFs, as well. This format, by its very nature, is not an editable one. If you want to reuse or change some of the text locked inside a PDF, one option would be to retype the text into MS Word. Depending on the size of the file, this can take hours or even days. Not really time well-spent. A far more productive and time saving solution would be to use a software application that extracts text and other information from PDF file into an editable .doc or .docx format.  

With an appropriate PDF to Word Converter, you get the best of both .docx and PDF worlds - the first one for editing and the latter for sharing and archiving your documents. You just need to make sure that the PDF to Word converter that you’re using is reliable, accurate and easy to use.  

There are a lot of services out there that can provide you with the above mentioned features, but are usually costly. But don’t get discouraged, because there’s a fully free online PDF toWord Converter that everyone can use by following these three simple steps:
1.    Upload the file that you want to convert   
2.    Type in your email address where you want to receive your converted file
3.    Click the Start button to begin the conversion  

Within minutes, you’ll receive an email with a download link to the converted file. This link will be valid for 24 hours after the conversion. Once 24 hours have passed, all your personal information (both email address and document sent for conversion) will be deleted permanently. Investintech, the company behind the converter, respects its customers’ privacy, and as such,  they guarantee that all the personal information they receive from users will never be shared with anyone else.

How to Improve Your Digital Workplace Environment with PDF Converter Elite 4

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Thursday, June 11, 2015
Following the latest tech trends, we can't but accept turning our traditional office into a digital workplace. Buying different gadgets for better business performance is just a start. It’s useless to have powerful machines without using document management programs. Such programs help you be more efficient in your work and have become a must-have in everyday business world.

One such tool for document manipulation is PDF Converter Elite. Here’s how you can take advantage of it:

Edit scanned PDF tables with custom PDF to Excel conversion

If you choose to scan your papers and turn them into digital format, you will have all that paperwork in your computer. The thing is, you will sometimes need to rework some of your documents and that can be a daunting task if the document is scanned. Luckily, with PDF Converter Elite you can convert scanned files and actually extract data you need from scanned image into an editable document. And what’s more, there is an additional feature for personalized conversions of PDF files to Excel which helps you edit tables, and adjust rows and columns according to your needs. You just need to open a PDF in PCE program, click on Excel button and then choose “Advanced options” button which will open the panel with different Excel settings you can apply to your document (as shown below in the picture).

Extract only data you need, not the whole document

Sometimes you need to edit the whole document and there is no need to convert all of it. That’s why select options are useful; you can choose to convert the whole document, specific pages or a specific area as shown in the picture below.

Keep your documents confidential with PDF creation advanced security options

In the past, you may have used to lock your confidential documents in one drawer. Now that your paperwork became digital, there is an alternative way to do the same. First you’ll need a file that is in any other format but PDF. You probably have a document that contains some confidential data, for example in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. You just need to open it in PDF Converter Elite by following these simple steps:

Go to the View menu and click to open PDF Creation Options window as shown below.

After you tick the box “Secure PDF”, apply different permissions and set a password, click OK.

Then click the Create button from the menu in order to open a document that you want to save as secure PDF. In this way, only people who have the password will be able to see data from the document.

Preserve comments from your source documents for better team collaboration

In traditional workspace you used to leave comments on your papers by writing them down with a pen. Now, there is an option in MS Office to leave comments to your coworkers. It makes your team collaboration easier. When you complete your report or other business document, you may want to keep those comments there, for future reference. That’s why this additional PDF creation option can help you. Just open the same PDF Creation Options window as described in the previous paragraph, then click the tab “MS Office” and tick the box “Retain comments from source documents”.

Moving from traditional workspace to digital one can be very time consuming, but in the end it pays off. Download PDFConverter Elite and find out if that’s the right tool to help you deal with digital paperwork.

How to Use Able2Extract 9 for Better Document Editing

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Saturday, December 27, 2014
Electronic files, e-mail and cloud file sharing services are a small part of what a modern office can’t do without. PDF converters are also on the list of tools a company, small business or freelancer uses on an everyday basis. The reason for this is that Portable Document Format is one of the most commonly used formats for archiving and sharing files because it can be opened on any computing device and platform.

However, when you open a PDF, all you can do is view the file. The format is difficult to modify without some additional PDF editing software or a converter that will editing or extracting information from the PDF.

Able2Extract is a file conversion tool that does precisely that. It converts PDFs into editable documents such as MS Excel, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, image and a few other formats as well. It also converts any printable file into PDF and provides an option to secure it.

What sets Able2Extract 9 apart from many similar tools is its wide range of PDF management options, powered by the following unique features:

-       Cross-platform tool for Linux, Mac and Windows
-       Offers custom PDF toExcel conversion
-       Allows extracting only parts of a PDF document for conversion
It also offers a 7-day free download, which gives users enough time to get acquainted with the tool and decide whether they want to purchase it.

As we deal with quite a load of information and many different files in a single workday, we welcome tools that help us improve our document organization, especially if it is user-friendly software such as Able2Extract.

Here is a quick guide to getting started with the tool:

1)       Open a PDF that needs to be edited.

2)      Choose “Select All” or “Select Area” to convert the whole or parts of a document.

3)      Click on your desired output format.

Some of the choices like PDF to Excel, PDF to Publisher, etc. will give you more options for document customization, as already mentioned, but all steps to the final conversion are very straightforward and easy to complete – all you have to do is click on your desired options. So, thanks to the PDF conversion software we can skip a few tedious document management steps in our busy workday and improve our productivity. 

Cometdocs Desktop App Offers Incredibly Easy Online File Conversion

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Friday, May 30, 2014
When you are looking for an online service for converting files into different formats, there are usually three important things to consider. Is it free? It is accurate? Is it fast? The desktop conversion app offered by file conversion experts Cometdocs is definitely all three of these.

On the market for over five years now, Cometdocs’ name has become synonymous with high quality file conversion options. All you need to do is sign up for a free account with Cometdocs and immediately, you’ll have the ability to convert PDFs into a wide range of editable file formats include Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, image file formats, HTML, and much more. It also allows you to convert just about any document type into a PDF. Cometdocs also supports some conversions that you won’t find with most similar services, like XML conversion.

While the site’s online interface is excellent and quite intuitive, using the desktop app provides an even faster and more convenient way to get your files converted. If you have a Cometdocs account already, simply head over to the Desktop App page to download and install the app. It’s lightweight and very easy to install.

It’s also incredibly easy to use. Here’s how it works.

Once you have installed it, file conversion is literally one click away.

Simply right-click on the file that you want to convert and find the circular, orange Cometdocs logo in the menu. If you are converting a PDF, it will say “Convert To” next to the Cometdocs logo. All you have to do now is select the output format of your choice.


If you are creating a PDF, it will say “Create PDF” next to the logo. Simply click on that option.
Create PDF

And that is literally all there is to the process. Once the conversion is complete, the newly converted file will be automatically downloaded into the folder in which your original file is located.


It’s that simple. There’s no need to even open your web browser, much less enter your email address, wait for an email to be sent, and do all of the other things that similar free online file converters require you to do. With the Cometdocs desktop app, all of your conversions can be down directly from your desktop in one, quick step.

Another great thing about the app is that you can integrate it with your favorite cloud storage service. Simply open your Dropbox, Google Drive, or whatever other cloud storage folder you use, and perform the same one-step process with any file located in your storage.

Convert to Dropbox

Once the file is converted, the out file will be saved right back into your cloud storage folder immediately and synched with the service. It’s incredibly convenient.


Of course, the accuracy and quality of the conversions are also at a very high level, which makes the service even more attractive.

If you’re someone who needs a fast way to convert files online, the Cometdocs desktop app is an excellent choice. It’s an online file converter and productivity app all wrapped into one package.

Free Able2Doc PDF to Word Converter and Sonic PDF Creator [Giveaway]

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Working with computers on a daily basis, you undoubtedly have to deal with an endless number of file formats and digital documents, and oftentimes in different ways that require another tool.

Think of how you deal with digital files on a daily basis.  Do you need to create a PDF resume or ebook?  Ever need to edit or reuse content in a PDF file? PDF conversion tools will be your best bet to get the job done. Problem is, PDF conversion tools are expensive; online converters, limited.

However, is currently offers two PDF tools for FREE—Able2Doc PDF to Word Converter and Sonic PDF Creator!   Together, these tools are valued at $100, but you can get both copies absolutely free through Facebook and Twitter.

To get a better idea of what these two handy PDF applications can do, here’s a quick look at each tool in turn.

Able2Doc 7 PDF to Word Converter

Able2Doc 7.0 is a PDF to Word converter that can accurately convert your PDF files to Word documents you can edit.  The converter makes it easy for anyone at all levels to work with. Able2Doc features:

  • PDF to MS Word conversion options for  .DOC, .RTF, and .DOCX formats
  • Support for PDF to Open Office Writer (ODT) conversion
  • Selection features to choose only the content you wish to convert
  • Built-in PDF viewer which allows you to see what you’re converting
  • Advanced conversion for simple text, complex graphics, and formatted tables
  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac and Linux platforms 

Sonic PDF Creator

Sonic PDF Creator 3.0, on the other hand, is an advanced software program for creating DF files from almost any Windows application you may have.  Sonic offers advanced PDF creation, editing and manipulation features that include:

  • Options for encrypting, watermarking and protecting your PDFs with passwords.
  • Editing options for adding and editing headers, footers, bookmarks and attachments to your created PDFs. You can also add or delete pages, edit PDF properties, or merge and split PDF files.
  • Create PDF booklets, handouts and create simple PowerPoint files.
  • Batch conversion options to automatically convert more than one document to PDF at once 

How to Get this for FREE

If this sounds like something you would like to take advantage of, all you need is a Facebook and Twitter account. Then follow the steps below:

To Get Able2Doc PDF To Word Converter

1. “Like” the Investintech Facebook page and click on the page’s Giveaway Tab
2. Copy the 5-digit download code and click on the link below it
3. Paste the code on the following Able2Doc product page into the field provided
4.Select your platform
5. Click on “Download”

If you’d like to receive Sonic PDF Creator as well, follow these steps:

To Get Sonic PDF Creator

1. “Like” the Investintech Facebook page
2. Enter your Twitter handle in the timed dialog
3. Retweet Investintech’s official giveaway message (make sure Facebook pop-ups are enabled and that you are logged in to Twitter)
4. Follow @able2extract on Twitter. You must do this to receive your Sonic PIN in your Direct Message inbox
5.  When you get your free PIN via Direct Message, download the trial version of Sonic. Enter your PIN to activate the full version of Sonic.

This giveaway is going on right now. So be sure to check it out. Nothing beats being able to get your work done with tools you can download for free. To get similar offers don't forget to follow us on Facebook or Twitter or Google+. Enjoy!

Free PDF to DOC Conversion Online

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Wednesday, June 19, 2013
More and more people use computers on a daily basis for work, school, or entertainment; some statistics show that the number is as high as four billion users in 2013. Working in an office today is unthinkable without word processing and data management programs.

As everyone who uses MS Office suite knows, there are many benefits, but also disadvantages to each particular Office program. One of their major downsides is the fact that they are not universal and easily viewable on every platform.

There are so many different types of computers and platforms, that sending a Word file to someone, for example, does not guarantee that the person will be able to open it. To that end, people usually send their MS Office documents in Portable Document Format that is the universal file format easily viewable across platforms, operating systems and browsers.

However, once users receive PDF files, they cannot edit them without some additional program for PDF management. Luckily, the Internet is full of useful file converters and one of the most popular free online conversion tools for editing .doc and .docx formats is the Free Online PDF to Word Converter (

This quick converter is known for performing smooth and accurate PDF to DOC conversions, all in three easy steps: 1) uploading a PDF file, 2) inputting a valid e-mail address and 3) clicking on the “Start” button to initiate conversion.

The users are then sent a direct link to download their MS Word file they can immediately start revising.

For free online software, this PDF to Word Converter is very smooth and reliable. It is also good to know that the tool provider deletes all information received on their server, so that the users don’t need to worry about the safety of their documents.