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How to spy on calls, SMS, and Location of a phone

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Friday, November 01, 2013

Cell phone tracking is a relatively new breakthrough in information technology, bridging the gap between Hollywood films and real life. Although the same grandiose features and easy access as present in motion pictures have not been achieved yet, this technology has progressed a great deal in recent years and is increasing in popularity every day.

The applications of cell phone tracking are too numerous to mention. This goes more so for parents wanting to keep an eye on their teenagers, or for employers who need to monitor their staff’s activities during work hours. At times there are no alternatives to this ‘invasion of privacy’, which appears to be quite reasonable and in fact necessary given its dire need in modern times.

Spy apps are available for phones working on any of the leading mobile operating systems such as Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Symbian or Windows Mobile. In order to track another cell phone’s activity, one simply has to install a spy app to the target phone. The app will become undetectable as soon as the installation is complete and will continue to run in the background mode. It will record the phone’s information, including text messages, call logs, e-mails, browsing history and even GPS locations, unbeknownst to the phone user. All the information will be uploaded to a secured server via cell phone internet or Wi-Fi. The records will be available even if the original information is deleted from the phone later on.

These features can be of immense benefit. Employers, for instance, can keep tabs on their faculty, e.g. staff members can be found idling during office hours, or texting on their cell phones, playing games or browsing websites at random. By tracking their smartphone activities, business managers can make sure their employees are maximizing their work hours and are not using their cells unnecessarily. Sometimes, fraudulent workers could be selling inside information to agents from rival companies however with a spying application they will easily be detected.

Parents who are having a trouble controlling their kids can make use of these apps to be sure they stay out of dangers. Your children might be making friends with suspicious people or sharing their personal details in public. This can lead to serious consequences, since most cyber criminals target immature children to gain access to their private information. With spy apps, parents can view their children’s text messages and keep an eye out for any suspicious contacts. Tracking instant messengers such as Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp is also useful, since most bullies resort to private messages rather than posting threats for everyone else to see. Parents can track their children’s GPS locations, making sure they reach school and come back home safely.

The use of spy apps, for instance mSpy, has increased multifold since the aforementioned benefits have become known. They provide solutions that have never been available before, and therefore deserve due credit for making the lives of parents and employees easier.

A Beginner’s Look At Virtual Private Servers - Infographic (BlueHost)

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Monday, October 21, 2013
You may have heard about Virtual Private Servers (VPS), since the introduction of the VPS in 2001, more people are adopting the solution as the primary way they store and manage data. If you are not aware of it, just look at the below Infographic from Blue Host which shares the basic information about VPS.

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Flexible plastic displays a wraparound dashboard in your car?

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Tuesday, October 01, 2013
Flexible plastic displays

Let’s face it – most car dashes are pretty ugly. Clunky dials have now been replaced by clunky digital displays. The closest we’re getting to our promised super-slick, space-age technology is the use of Heads Up Displays (HUD) in more expensive models. But as ‘driverless cars’ become a distinct possibility in the near future, how could flexible plastic electronics enhance the driving experience for both passengers and drivers? 

Head’s up… 

Firstly, let’s take a quick look at the actual concept of a head’s up display. Currently, these are still pretty much restricted to high-end models, although they are now starting to filter down into more family-friendly vehicles. Leading the charge is Vauxhall, who’s concept car known as the Monza foregoes the traditional dashboard principle entirely in favour of a modular LED projection display. There’s also rumours that parts of the dashboard will be voice activated, although considering that VA has a long way to go to be truly successful, that could be either a blessing - or a curse.

However, this ties in well with current exploration into the use of flexible plastic electronics in the automotive trade, and particularly to replace the traditional dashboard set-up that we’re familiar with. Projected head’s up displays are already a reality, but what flexible electronics could bring to the party is a completely new and ultra-lightweight dash that is truly a ‘wraparound’ design.

It’s a matter of transposing the technology currently being developed by R&D companies such as Plastic Logic for paper-thin, flexible screens using e-ink, and incorporating them into an automotive design framework. The current flexible screens can be bent, twisted and even folded with no distortion to the image produced by the e-ink, making them perfect for use on curved surfaces such as a dashboard. Combined with the existing head’s up display technology, this would give the driver and the passenger all the information they need in a format that doesn’t distract the driver in particular from concentrating on the road ahead.

For rear seat passengers, flexible plastic display screens could easily replace the existing LCD display screens in the backs of headrests, making them lighter, more robust and, crucially, less likely to cause facial injuries in the event of an impact. Whilst the current framerate of flexible plastic display screens is not yet at a fast enough speed to cope with HD images, advances on both that and the use of colour is moving forward. “Plastic Logic’s development of a colour flexible plastic display is particularly significant, since the same process could enable unbreakable, flexible display solutions with other media such as LCD and OLED," commented Plastic Logic’s CEO Indro Mukerjee recently.

The automotive industry is focusing on efficiency at the moment, due to depleted natural resources. That means cars need to be lighter, and the incorporation of flexible plastic and projected head’s up displays could shave kilos off the final weight of a vehicle, dramatically improving its fuel efficiency.

But that doesn’t have to be at the expense of good design, and again, flexible display screens in particular lend themselves well to blending into futuristic, sleek stylings that will appeal to a demanding public. Expect to see a lot more flexible screen technology within the automotive industry in the coming years. 

Author Bio: - Verena blogs about gadgets and technology, covering everything from the latest mobile advancements to display technology. When she’s not online Verena enjoys swimming, cycling and travelling the world.

Electronic Medical Records: Exchange of Electronic Data

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Friday, September 27, 2013

As with Affordable Health Care Act going into effect, the EDI (Electronic Data Exchange) will be a standard to submit billing, communication with the medical facilities, as well as keeping contact with the patients. Here in this helpful article, the basics are explained about how the Electronic Medical Records can be utilized to achieve all the tasks.

EMR Compensation Claims

Maybe the most significant aspect of Electronic Medical Records for the physicians is the capability of letting the billers submits their claims to the clearing houses within real time. The billers get confirmation of claim’s appearance as well as may track all reimbursement requests because it makes the way through payment system. Communication is performed during real time, with elimination of long waiting as well as allows clinicians to accumulate payments in around 10 days. One more benefit of the EMR is the capability of identifying possible problems with the claims. Any contradictions may be remedied rapidly before compensation requests are mailed. Spotless claims are processed quickly as well as practitioners collect the funds in quick time.


Patient’s information is not to be disclosed. Data passed on electronically using Electronic Medical Records meets strict security requirements of HIPAA.


The practitioners usually have the capability of communicating with the other physicians, pharmacies & labs, as well as medical facilities. Referrals may be done, medications ordered as well as tests scheduled from office. The Electronic Medical Records offer improved communication with the patients to tell again them of the appointments as well as any liabilities they owe. Having an incorporated EMR, the medical providers may post testing results in the client’s protected account as well as talk with them using phone, email, mail, as well as voice & text messages.

Patient Care

EDI gives advantages to the patients through offering stability of care. Records of clients may be accessed through authorized people from almost anywhere around the world using EMR. In occasion where the individual is not able to supply required data, the medical service providers may access records using EDI to evade treatment errors, study about allergies or health issues, as well as eliminate disused testing. One can also access records through cloud in event of the natural disasters.


The EMR technology may be utilized on tablets and laptops, offering practice owners some new revenues opportunities. The systems may be accessed everywhere there’s Internet connection because it allows clinicians to provide services outside the office. Commercial wellness programs, residence care programs, senior centers, as well as spas are merely some of opportunities accessible with the portable system.


Electronic data replacement system saves money and time. NO requirement is there to maintain room for file cabinets packed with folders full with document records. Patient details are maintained inside cloud for ease as well as quick recovery. Vendors are accountable for preserving HIPAA security and compliance, with EMR systems may quickly inform other medical service providers in case there’s any security issue ever.
Special Electronic Medical Records systems are having lower monthly fees, functionalities to help in the marketing, and 24/7 support to vendors as well as updates. Electronic data exchange represents future about how people in medical field deal with medical facilities providers and clearinghouses to provide patient care of optimum level.

About Author:  The above article is written by Flecher, who works as a head of Healthcare Software Development team withAegisisc. The organization has worked with some of the biggest names in the healthcare industry across the globe.

Internet and technology: How it makes impossible to possible

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Thursday, September 26, 2013

Internet is one of the greatest inventions that has revolutionized the way we live. It has become part and parcel of our lives. It importance cannot be brushed aside. To put it in simple terms; it has made the impossible possible. It is a dynamic aspect of our lives and each day dawns with a new advancement in the use of the internet. It has simplified difficult tasks thus saving us a lot of time. It can be used for many functions depending on your requirement. The areas that the internet has revolutionized include; 


The internet has made it easy for us to communicate with people who live far away from us. Before the internet revolution, it was a daunting task to communicate with people in distant places. We can now communicate with our loved ones with much ease. The internet has even gone a step further and with the introduction of the video conferencing, people in different continents can hold a meeting with much ease without having to be physically present in a single location. We can also keep track of the events that unfold in different parts of the world. The internet has led to the development of email and social networking sites that has made it easy for people to interact and share opinions easily. You can get sky number and other contacts easily by searching for them in the internet. Communication is a gift of the internet and has made our lives easier.


Earlier, it was difficult to carry out research because the resources needed were not available in one location and you needed to visit different places to have a fruitful research. The internet has changed that and in one click you are able to access thousands of books and publications on your research topic. You are also able to get response from a large number people within a short time making your research more comprehensive and saving you valuable time. You can also share your research findings easily and may be beneficial to many people who are affected by your research.


The internet has made it possible for people to develop their knowledge base by the availability of millions of books, publications, study oriented materials, expert’s views and online help centers. There are also websites that are dedicated in providing information on particular topics which you can visit them to get endless amount of knowledge. You also get up-to-date information on emerging technology and topics.

Financial transactions

it has revolutionized the way we carry out our financial transactions. It is now possible to do financial transactions at the comfort of your home or office without having to go your bank. You can also shop and pay for goods and services over the internet. If you are a businessperson, you can also sell our items over the internet.

Real time updates

It is now possible to get real time updates in politics, sports, business, entertainment and other fields. The information got online can help you make informed decisions.
The possibilities that come with the internet are infinite and our own imagination is the only hurdle to reap more from this important resource.

Author: Julia Ann is an Avid Blogger from Manchester, UK with 5+ years of experience in blogging. She is interested to learn new things.

The new world of flexible displays

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Thursday, June 06, 2013

The implications for the new flexible displays for smartphones set the imagination racing. One has visions of phones that can be unfolded like a map to expose a giant, seamless screen or devices that can be scrunched into a ball to fit any crevice in the luggage, without sustaining damage. 

Whilst these things are possible future applications, the fact is that the use of plastic electronics in consumer products such as flexible screens and a range of devices are set to transform the industry. The designs are probably more likely to be relatively low-key to begin with, but the impact of the new flexible screen technology will be significant and marks an industry watershed.

The shape of things to come

We can see Samsung at the moment replacing the traditional sheets of glass used in OLED screens with a type of flexible polymer, for instance. There are several benefits to moving away from glass in display screens. The displays become thinner and lighter and are less likely to crack and scratch, quite apart from the flexibility aspect. These are, however, important prerequisites to the development of flexible screens. Flexible displays necessitate a great deal more engineering in order to guarantee their durability.

Durability issues

There are numerous miniscule circuits coursing through the material and these have to be able to stay intact if they are to deliver their signals to the underlying diodes. When they are repeatedly being bent and re-bent fatigue can quickly set in or they may just snap, which will result in the creation of dead pixels and a faulty display. Researchers are currently engaged in overcoming problems such as these to effectively open the way for plastic electronics to be incorporated into the design of many familiar devices as well as a whole raft of new ones.

Innovative techniques

Plastic Logic, a leader in the field of flexible screen technology, believes that flexible screens will soon be incorporated into things like credit cards and car dashboards as well as mobile phones and healthcare equipment. Wherever traditional displays like LCDs can’t be used, either because they’re too big, power-hungry or difficult to fit in, the new flexible displays can find an application.

Plastic Logic CEO IndroMukerjee has said that: “Plastic Logic’s development of a colour flexible plastic display is particularly significant, since the same process could enable unbreakable, flexible display solutions with other media such as LCD and OLED.”

Green credentials

Although plastic electronics as a concept has been around since the 1960s it is only now that technology has reached the point where it can begin to make a significant impact on our everyday lives. Apart from enabling more flexible and robust designs for items like smartphones, this innovative new technology is also much greener than traditional solid state electronics.

Although we’re unlikely to see rollup TV screens on the market next week, we can expect to witness something of a revolution in electronic devices in the very near future as the new flexible display technology is incorporated into them. They will become lighter, smaller, more powerful and durable as well as friendlier to the planet.