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5 Top Touchscreen Computers Explored

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Saturday, February 23, 2013
Touchscreens command almost all technologies. With touchscreen smartphones having dominated the market for many years now, and iPad and tablets still growing in popularity – it was only a matter of time before a touchscreen all-in-one computer would become an option for everyone.

To most people, a touchscreen computer can seem as far away from any other computer they’re used to using as a toaster is to a clock. Here we’ve picked out five of the popular touchscreen choices and gone into an overview and added our comments on what we really think. Hopefully this will make picking one that’s right for you easy peasy. So let’s get to it...

Packard Bell oneTwo 

Pros – Price, HDMI, doubles as Freeview Tuner
Cons – Touchscreen isn’t brilliant

Comments – This nifty touchscreen computer, the Packard Bell oneTwo, doesn’t offer the best touchscreen quality as other models but it makes up for it in features. It has the ability to connect up to games consoles via the HDMI port and also doubles as a Freeview TV tuner. At around £580, this is a great choice for a student.

Toshiba Qosmio DX730-102

Pros – Connectivity, 3D glasses free, sleek design 
Cons – Almost a little too sleek for what’s inside, by no means a stand out model.

Comments – An all round ‘okay’ touchscreen computer, but sadly ‘okay’ is all we can justify describing this model as. By no means is it bad, but likewise, it isn’t anywhere above ‘almost good’. Offering good connectivity and a 3D screen without the need for glasses, perhaps a fun choice for a media lover. As a full time PC, we’d recommend not. As a gadget to play around with, we’d say go for it. But at £999 roughly, we doubt that it is a luxury many can afford.

Dell Inspiron One 

Pros – Affordable, great looking piece of kit, more than average screen.
Cons – Poor connectivity and touchscreen lacks in performance which is kind of the point, really)

Comments – When not used solely for the novelty and convenience of the touch screen functionality, this is a great little computer. With a great looking screen and packed with many features you’d expect from a standard PC unit, this is a great all-rounder. It isn’t a WOW factor model, and won’t perform technological miracles, but for those looking for standard and reliable, this is the one. For internet nuts, perhaps not so much – the connectivity can be notable poor. 

Sony VAIO Tap

Pros – Great design, usability can’t be knocked.
Cons - Overpriced 

Comments – By far a stand out all in one. Offering a brilliantly clear and clarified screen, Windows 8 support, 3 USB ports and a battery that can last long enough to be considered truly portable (it is on the heavy side though), this is a must consider gadget for anyone seriously considering investing in a touch PC. A little overpriced for what you get, but as with all new gadgets, this is usually literally the price you pay for the commodity. 

Samsung Series 7 Ultra

Pros – Brilliant screen and touch, HDMI/VGA ports
Cons – Battery is only 8hrs

Comments – Offering one of the best screens on this list, this all in one from Samsung doesn’t disappoint in many areas, if any at all significantly. The screen is bright and clear and the touch screen never falls down when pushed to its limits with multiple applications open.  Sleek but offering great grip, this is the perfect portable. Although the battery life falls slightly shorter than others, at 8hrs, the performance provided is a worthy sacrifice for battery life compromise.

When choosing a touch computer for yourself, this is by no means a be all and end all list, so shop around before making the transition. However, all the brands listed here we have chosen for their proven reliability and for the products they make almost always been up to scratch.

AUTHOR: Shelley Flaherty is a mom of two and tech mad blogger. She loves helping people make informed choices on their tech as well as improving workplace well being. She recommends checking out Ideal Services to keep your office looking as swish as your gadgets.

Different Touch Screen Technologies - Infographic

Posted by Muhammed Posted on Wednesday, October 03, 2012
Here is an interesting infographic which describes the working principle of Touch screen phone. There are three different types of touch screen technologies available: resistive, capacitive, and infra-red. Just go through it and learn about the benefits and capabilities of each. It makes you to take a decision to buy suitable touch screen phone for you.